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Family & Divorce Law Practice

Family law is a legal practice area concerned with issues such as adoption, divorce, legal separation, and child custody. Family estates, mediation sessions, and legal advice.

Property offences

Property offences refer to cases where property is either taken, possessed or damaged without permission. The offences which are mainly recognized in the IPC are ten in number. Theft. Extortion. Robbery and dacoity. Criminal misappropriation of property.

Civil Law Practice

Matters that involve disputes between private parties such as negligence, defamation, nuisance, breach of contract, real property titles, etc. It involves relations between persons and organisations

Arbitration and conciliation

Arbitrator hear both the parties before arriving at a solution to their dispute. Conciliation: It is a process in which disputes resolve between the parties by appointing a conciliator who help the disputed parties to arrive at a negotiated settlement.

Crimininal law practice

Law that defines criminal offenses, regulates apprehension, charging, and trial of suspected persons, and fixes penalties and modes of treatment applicable to convicted offenders.

nclt practice

It is a quasi-judicial authority dealing with corporate disputes that are of civil nature arising under the Companies Act. Pertaining to claims of oppression and mismanagement of a company, winding up of companies and all other powers prescribed under the Companies Act.

About the Firm

The objective of our firm is to provide good quality legal services that are effective, efficient and affordable. Our Firm deals in various areas of litigation, including Civil – Criminal Litigation, Matrimonial, Corporate – Commercial litigation, Intellectual Property Law, Real Estate and Business Law among others. Our team of experts has acquired a desirable recognition for our sophisticated legal works in various areas of litigation. Our legal advice meets the client’s needs and expectations. All are team members are very supportive and give their 100% towards client satisfaction.

Testimonials of Legal Solutoners

Going through a divorce is very stressful. Having the best divorce lawyers in Delhi to help me through this difficult time was a God sent. Legal Solutioners have a heart of gold and I really appreciate the time and effort they put into my case.
Priya Sharma
I was very pleased to Legal Solutioner services. They are doing an exceptional job while working on our property case. Thank you, Mr. Gaurav, you have been very helpful. Within 2 years, my case got finalized and i am free from the dispute.
Nikhil Rana

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